Data Analytics and Processing

AIKYA along with its solutions partners provide Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA) which is a powerful platform where the latest and best-of-breed technology, processes and workflows, and people, are all brought together in one integrated system to deliver big data business value. A simple and well-designed interface with tools and options breaks down Big Data complexity into simplified routines and tasks.

AIKYA's data platform is a comprehensive, end-to-end data management solution for analytics. It is customizable, optimized, and meets modern big data scale, governance, and security high standards and requirements. It grows and flexes as business needs expand and change. It is a readily integrated platform that has built in components to ingest data from heterogeneous sources, process, analyse and visualize with a user friendly UI.

Use Case

  • Situation
    • The company needed a centralized platform to consolidate and analyse large amounts of its 24x7 transactional data to protect and enhance every customer's e-commerce experience.
  • Solution
    • We were able to predict retailer churn with an 87% accuracy which helped business to develop segment level strategies and design campaigns/loyalty programs for high value retailers.
  • Result
    • Using the Data Platform, we built data lakes from the streams of transactional data that covered the end-to end customer experience so that when the advanced analytics models were run, the high-confidence insights generated helped the Company to identify retailer future worth, and their likelihood to churn.


  • Develop and Implement a Winning Information Strategy
  • Make Smart Use of Data with Flexible Engagement Options like Connect & Subscribe, Onboard-Operate-Sustain and Onboard-Operate-Transfer
  • Plan and Build for Scale & Platform Readiness from Day One
  • Prioritize Speed and Flexibility as an ROI Proof-Point.