Management of Training

Every government department, police department and banks in India has an associate training institute. As of today, most of training within these institutions are managed manually through a series of ledgers and excel sheets. This makes the process highly inefficient, time consuming and hence contribute to a significant loss for the department and the government overall.

AIKYA, developed the Training Management Solution Suite, in tandem with Direct Tax Regional Training Institute as the subject matter expert. The entire solution was developed under the Department of Personal Training (DoPT) guidelines, thereby ensuring that it covers all aspect of managing a training institute with respect to work flows, approvals and reporting.

AIKYA also realised that in order to ensure proper and regular usage of the solution, all the designated users has to be well trained and also the system should mimic their real life functions in the most natural way. Hence, we training and customization of the solution is a key aspect of the solution deployment.

AIKYA's TMS, handles end to end comprehensive need of the training institute. From scheduling a course, to sending out invitations, from getting nominations, to conducting a course (including attendance and grading), from calculating honorariums, to printing course completion certificate, AIKYA's TMS is designed to handle all of the needs. The system also generates some standard reports across different institutional parameters, and it is flexible to accommodate some custom reports as well based on the need of the department.

In addition to the TMS, for the smooth operation of the institute, there is also a need for managing the inventory, hostels, vehicles and assets. AIKYA's solution suite encompasses these modules and offers it as a comprehensive management solution.

AIKYA also offers the training institute its Online Learning Management solution. This helps the institute upload its course content online and help the participants by conducting online refresher courses complementing the physical training.

As seen above, this Training Management Solution Suite is glove fit for all government training institutes, banks and other training organizations and can be directly deployed with minimal customization and changes.

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