Patient Engagement and Feedback

AIKYA identified the need for a tablet based information sharing and feedback application to collate authentic feedback from patients (in-patient and out-patient).

We recognized that the hospitals used pamphlets and booklets to inform the patients about different services and procedures offered. This was a very expensive method of patient outreach and also there was no guarantee that the right message was delivered to the right set of people. Also, in order to improve the services offered by the hospital, we understood that they have the need to collect and process patient feedback in an easy and accurate way. We also understood that there was a need to incorporate the feedbacks collected back in to the main stream offering effectively and faster.

Keeping these requirements in mind, AIKYA designed and developed the "Punarbhava" application, a tablet based custom built application to help hospitals manage information sharing and feedback in an easy and intuitive manner.

The application can be used to convey all the key up to date details regarding the hospital and its services to the patients directly, and also keeps the patients engaged and entertained with add on features like games, music and books.

The feedbacks collated can be viewed and analysed through a backend web based portal. The feedback system can also dynamically trigger alerts to concerned people / departments if in case the value of the feedback is below certain pre-set thresholds enabling real issue resolution and increasing patient satisfaction.

AIKYA product involved: