Project Tracking and Monitoring

Hierarchical design and classification of various levels of project tracking:

Modular design and classification into various levels of project tracking (Theme description/Sub-Theme description/Activities listing/Budget Time lining) with their respective locations of association.


Separate Logins for each level of authority (Finance/Project Manager/Director/CEO/PS) and separate dashboard based on login type.

Project Tracking:

  • Set dropdowns for various stages of the project at admin level.
    • This forms the core of the application where the admin will set the parameters and sub-parameters for the application and only the admin will have the complete access for the project related details which goes into the application.
    • Handle the overall permissions and parameters that goes into the application.
  • Ability to provide statistical analysis for the projects undertaken by the organization / department which includes the proposal, cost, stage of development with location wise analysis and comparison facility.
    • Ability to generate specific reports on the completion of various stages with respect to two domains.
      • Based on year of selection
      • Based on Locations
      • Based on initial allocations and on-going changes with respect to the project budgeting over the course of the project.

Secure data entry into the system:

There will be 4 levels of viewing and updating the data.

  • As soon as the project is approved and is associated with the organization / department, the complete details about the project is entered by the respective Project in-charge.
  • Once the project is listed, the budgeting for the project is done by the Project In-charge and this will be approved by the Financial Head of the organization / department.
  • The admin will be intimated if any new entries need to be made for the dropdowns of various stages of project tracking.
  • Once the project is begun, various stake holders will be work in sync and enter the data to make sure the project is efficiently tracked and maintained.

Integration of Email and SMS gateways upon critical updates:

Send mail and SMS intimation to the concerned person at an appropriate level if any critical updates/changes are done for the project.

Simple, yet high quality designs and screens:

High quality designs which are highly Intuitive and user friendly to use and operate.

Secure database maintenance and automated data backup feature:

Secured access to the system database and an auto backup of the data to make sure data security and data integrity is preserved.

Usage Analytics and Reporting:

Drawing analytics from the current system by drawing intuitive graphs and pictorial diagrams for visual interpretation of the data entered to the system.

  • Generation of automated reports
  • Generation of specific custom user reports (based on hierarchical level).

Have a location based UI tracker to enable viewing of data based on single click of the location in the map

This involves having the project listing and tracking its status based on the location with complete UI based approach.



  • ICT Skill Development Society (NAIN Project)