Feedback, Information Sharing and Entertainment Application for Increasing Patient Engagement in Hospitals

Punarbhava is an Android tablet and mobile based application which can be readily customized for any hospitals for increasing customer engagement and automated feedback processing needs. This application was developed in tandem for HCG as the domain expert.


Punarbhava: Usage Details

The application is used for

  • Showcasing centre specific information of the institution across city/state/country.
  • Showcasing generic information about the institution, their specialties, events and happenings.
  • Provide doctor/employee information and respective profiles.
  • An end to end highly secure "Feedback Management System" for various types end users.
    • This involves modular design of the feedback form and its breakdown into simple multi-page flow, with multiple choice questions.
    • Digital signature by patients to enhance security.
    • Automated mail and message intimation mechanism for the patients filling the feedback form.
    • Real time monitoring of the feedback and automated reporting to concerned authority based on feedback rating.
  • An end to end analytic engine has been developed (as a webpage) to get complete and transparent insights to the working of the institute.
    • Feedback scores for various departments across various centres.
    • Real-time useful graphs, trend analysis provided for the analyzing the customer satisfaction across departments spread across multiple centres.

Product Screen Shots