Scheme Management System

This solution allows the departments to easily empanel schemes and also track the subsidiary allocation. The software will allow the department to do the following:

  • Scheme enablement
    • Select eligibility criteria
    • Online registration/application form
    • Ability for applicants to upload related documents as per need.
    • Registration can be done by the applicant directly or through a representative as specified in the department guidelines. This can be NGOs working in this field.
  • Multiple levels of approvals
    • Eligibility check
    • Different levels of checks and verification enables only the eligible applicants are sent to the next level of processing.
    • In-built work flow mimics the real world flow and also enables audit capabilities within the software to check approval flow.
    • Scheme mapping
  • Scheme utilization tracking MIS reports on scheme approvals and rejections

The "Scheme Management Software" is easy to customize and deploy across all of schemes, current and future, within any department.

MIS Software Workflow

Use Case Diagram