Training Management Solution Suite

AIKYA has come out with a new initiative of providing cost-effective and proven software solutions on 'Software-as-a-Service' model. Training Institute Management Services is a suite of software modules under the training domain provided by AIKYA Business Solution Private Limited (AIKYA). These modules were designed and developed by AIKYA with the help and expertise of DTRTI (Direct Tax Regional Training Institute) Bangalore. However, enough care was taken to design the software suite to fit the requirements of various type of government training institutes. In fact, the current solution is a kind of framework spanning most of the functionalities of any government training institutes with minimal configuration and customisation.

Since the software was custom built for the needs of government training institutes, it takes care of all the needs that the training institutes will have across training management, inventory management and hostel management.

Training Management Software Module

This software is designed to enable training institutes to schedule/manage the courses that are being offered within the institute.

Also, the software enables the institutes to manage all course related activities, mainly; faculty and participant management, track faculty performance (through active transparent feedback system, leave management), track participant progress (through attendance tracking, performance tracking through online grading of tests and assignments), manage guest lecturers (scheduling and planning appropriate compensations as necessary), real time management of classrooms thereby avoiding clashes and enable better controlled planning (through systemic scheduling).

The system provides the institutes the ability to maintain a master list of data which can be used throughout the software wherever applicable thereby enabling easy maintenance and ensuring that the system is current and up to date.


Inventory Management Software Module

This module is to help training institutes to maintain and track inventory required for running course smoothly and also save time and cost of operations by automating requests and creating work flows.


  • List of approved vendors (with facility of addition / deletion)
  • Category of goods
  • Facility to generate a request and obtain approval as per GFR / DFR.
  • List of items (with facility of addition / deleting)
  • MIS reports indicating stock register, item wise stock, purchase requests etc.

Hostel Management Software Module

This module is to help training institutes to manage their hostel facilities smoothly for guests and trainees and ensure transparency and ease of operations.


  • Accessing the requests of trainees for accommodation
  • Determining the availability of rooms
  • Advance and current booking of rooms
  • Informing trainees about the allotment of rooms or the inability thereof
  • Methods of identifying the guests (who had booked in advance) when they check in
  • Prompt Collection and accounting of room charges/rent
  • Generation of receipt for payment of hostel charges
  • Maintenance of hostel register
  • Imposing controls on non-trainee guests who want to stay for than 15 days
  • Generation of a variety of reports.

Vehicle Management Software Module

This module helps institutes manage their vehicular activities with a lot of transparency and efficiency.

Each vehicles booking can be tracked and its usage monitored to ensure minimum wastage and higher usage.

This software can be extended to vehicle movement tracking and other vehicle management processes.


Asset Management Software Module

This module helps institutes keep track of their assets with a lot of transparency and efficiency.

Asset listing is maintained, to keep track of movable and immovable properties within the institute premises. This system can also be if needed integrated with a bar code system to enable real time tracking.

Benefits of the product in Government Training Institutes

  • Saves a lot of cost for the institute per year (~2,50,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR per year)
    • Cost on Paper (~30,000 INR/Year), Couriers and stationary (~10,000 INR/year), Printing (~20,000 INR/Year), Mobile/Phone bills (~5,000 INR/year), Data storage, Indexing and Data retrieval efficiency (~10,000/year)
    • Reduces cost of inventory procurement by improving tendering process (~50,000 INR/year)
    • Saves about 15% of redundant work at the institute (Such as maintenance of ledgers, attendance, preparation of reports etc.), which is directly proportional to the efficiency of overall institute operations, the gain can be gauged with salaries of the teaching and operating staff. (~80,000 to 90,000 INR/year)
    • Saves about 5% of redundant work at hostel (such as booking, phone calls etc.), also increases the occupancy of rooms by giving the real time data and projections thereby increasing revenues. Billing routine efficiency increased, i.e. error free generation of bills (automated), introduction of online settlement of bills, online complaints by┬áthe occupants. Administrators will know how many rooms are occupied in that month and in the overall year thereby can plan better occupancies in the coming years. (~50,000 INR/year)
  • Easy and intuitive management of training schedules
  • Work flows in all the modules enable smooth and transparent operations
    • Improves efficiency in operations
  • Becomes a part of daily operations
  • Easy to track all activities and people

Product Images

Application Home Screen

Deployed and Maintained at more than 20 Government Institutes across India

Hostel Booking Screen

Participants from their respective institute can make an online booking to hostel

Key Existing Clientele for TMS Software Modules:

  • DTRTI (Direct Tax Regional Training Institute), Bangalore
  • NACEN (National Academy for Customs, Excise and Narcotics), Across India.
  • FPI (Fiscal Policy Institute), Bangalore
  • ATI (Administrative Training Institute), Mysore
  • SIRD (State Institute for Rural Development), Mysore
  • SIUD (State Institute for Urban Development), Mysore