Vehicle and Fleet Tracking System

AIKYA has supplied, installed and is maintaining GPS device for a large scale automobile company to monitor their goods movement from the factory to dealers across the country. Each truck is mounted with AIKYA GPS and the dealers are provided with expected time of arrival – ETA of the trucks with their consignments. The back end solutions with separate web access are provided to clients, various transporters & dealers.

Monitor the fleet movement with the map provided by AIKYA and any missing point or route deviations are alerted over mobile phone to the concerned officials. The corporation is able to view the vehicle movement, number of trips done on a day, route covered, vehicle performance etc.

Vehicle-Tracking of buses ,trucks ,travelers ,vans ,taxis ,tankers ,cars etc…

How it works

The working of the VTS device includes the GPS satellite, the server ,etc.

We get detailed information regarding the vehicle's location, its speed, the time, fuel cost and many other valuable information. The functioning of the VTS device goes as follows-

  • The VTS device is first installed in the vehicle.
  • The sensor in the device is detected by the GPS satellite and captures the data provided.
  • It then sends the data to the server and it processes the data further in order to provide us the detailed information.
  • The server then passes the information to the user such as – vehicle location, speed, date, time ,etc. that the user can view through maps.

Software Features

  • Live Tracking: Get all Vehicles current Information Including Vehicle Number, Status Time, Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Status and Current Position in textual Format.
  • Playback Tracking: Track Vehicles with Information Including Vehicle Number, Vehicle Speed, Vehicle Position on map with route.
  • Detailed History On Map: The feature of Detailed History on map is provided. Previous days (till last 3 months) travel history of Vehicles with every stops on Google Maps can be viewed to Identify Surrounding Landmarks.
  • Locate stoppage : The Feature of locate stoppage is provided to view previous days all the stoppage of vehicle on map.
  • Export tracking data to spreadsheets

Hardware Features

  • ABS plastic casing with IP 67 rating.
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • GPS and I/O data acquisition
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)
  • Power fail detection
  • Events on I/O detection and sending via GPRS or SMS
  • Deep Sleep mode (less power consumption)
  • Over the air configuration.
  • Small and easy to mount case

Alerts in Application

  • Geo- Fence Alert: This Feature Is to Make Sure that the vehicle stays within the specified boundaries. Whenever a given vehicle goes somewhere off limits or comes in limits, an alert is sent to owner.
  • Speed Alert: This feature is to make sure vehicle is running within the Speed Limit. Whenever a given vehicle runs Off limits an alert is sent to Owner.
  • Overstay Alert: This feature is to make sure that the vehicle does not stay more than the limit set up by the rules. It gives an alert if the stay time more than that put by client.
  • Digital Input/ Output Alert: This feature is for the vehicle ignition on/off.
  • Power cut/tamper GPS device: This feature gives an alert on any kind of power cut.
  • GPS On/Off: This features gives an alert on GPS signals whether on/off.
  • Idling: This feature gives an alert on device idle.
  • Towing: This alert gives an alert on any kind of vehicle movement like, towing.

Usage Benefits

  • Reduces Fuel & Maintenance cost: The fuel that might have been misuse can be saved hence, saving the fuel cost apparently maintenance cost.
  • Control Over Speeding: Continuous monitoring over the movement of the vehicle helps you know and control the speed limit, saving maintenance cost.
  • Control over stay limit: Monitoring the time spend in resting helps you know the delivery status.
  • Reduced Accident : Controlling speed decreases chances of accidents
  • Increases Vehicle Security: Limited speed and proper fuel and travelling helps in lower insurance and service expenses.
  • Help to Track Stolen Vehicles: Tracking system helps to track your vehicle if stolen , providing you the location and time and date.
  • Ensure Timely Pickup and Drop from Points: Monitoring helps you know the current location of the vehicle and ensure you the delivery of the goods in specific period.
  • Simplifies Co-Ordination between Owner and Client : Timely delivery and accuracy in work disciple helps build stronger co ordination between the owner and the client.
  • Enhanced customer service: Timely answers can be given to customer queries such as estimated time of arrival.

Product Images

Application Dashbord

Gives complete details of Live Tracking, History on map, Alerts and Reports

Vehicle Tracking Screen

Helps user to find current location of the vehicles or group of vehicles on geographical map.