Video Surveillance as a Service

AIKYA's Interactive Video Streaming and Surveillance Solution offer Web Convergence, Distributed Architecture, SIP, Video, Cloud Computing. Our Motion Estimation Algorithms allows us to compress videos up to 2.5 times making it efficient and consumes minimalistic bandwidth making it cheaper to operate.

  • Works across any firewall/proxy in the world
  • No need of heavy resources like Java/Flash/.NET
  • No separate wiring required

Smart Tablet Based Live Video Monitoring

The solution is the world's first interactive Video Communication offerings for masses providing high quality video at low bandwidth webcasting solution called Smart Tab Based Live Monitoring Solution for Pooling Booths / Examination Centre's etc. The technology uses a unique video encoder, media server, and decoder technology to make video communication better even at low and fluctuating bandwidth. The unique feature of this video platform is its ability to provide video at just 256 kbps. This advanced compression algorithm supports high latency as high as 500ms resulting in the streaming delay less than 3 seconds.

Our innovations are light weight (less then 1MB file size) with low CPU, Memory, and Bandwidth usage as compared to other technologies as reported by Intel. It has support for various codec and protocols along with transcoding and translating features. It has a support for all devices and the smartphones for live webinars and Webcasting.

The following are the significant aspects of the proposed Smart Tab Based Live Monitoring Solution for Pooling Booths / Examination Centers;

  • The application aims to Build and monitor critical Pooling Booths / Examination Centres across the state
  • Setup a master control room facility setup in the department to monitor all the centres from a central location
  • Linking all the video streaming of the Election / Examination centers to the master control room for better transparency and accountability of Election / Exams.
  • Online live videos management system with access control mechanism
  • All the videos are recorded and handed over to the department at the end of the program
  • Generating reports and accountability at every center
  • Centre data has to be linked with the master control room for regular reports
  • Provision of required man power and hardware resources for handling the project requirement

Cloud Camera Service

  • Administrative auto monitoring system with secured Video Surveillance Camera to monitor each moment.
  • Load sharing cloud CDN setup to ensure 100% video stream availability.
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support by the technical team.
  • Patented video technology for high quality video of each session at low bandwidth.
  • Already installed and easy to use cloud based solution to all locations.


  • Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore.