AIKLUVYA: Virtual Classroom and Training Solution

"AIKLUVYA : ALL IN ONE MULTIPURPOSE TRAINING/VIDEO CONFERENCE ENABLED DEVICE" series is a comprehensive integrated and open learning platform designed to leverage collaboration and live content video to enable training and development. This platform enables a real time interactive environment between instructors and Staff / departments located in remote areas.

Both parties can see each other in real-time, can interactively raise and answer questions using the training room equipment (Screen, Digital Projector, Speakers, Microphone and On-line Digital streaming Camera) provided by AIKYA . Through this solution, the instructor can teach several classes in different locations at the same time on the same subject using the specially developed course curriculum/ educational aids and tools. If a supervisor is present at the rural school then the instructor can be assisted by the supervisor in the training room to increase the levels of interactivity. This solution ensures that all rural schools can offer all subjects with the same level of expert teaching, that a Trainee in a city or a metro gets access to.

The functioning and availability of the equipment during a training session will be the responsibility of AIKYA. Thus by taking control and care of the procurement, installation, deployment, functioning and maintenance of the equipment, AIKYA will be able to provide un-interrupted quality Training to different departments. This is a highly scalable, cost-effective, modular and easy-to-use solution.

The VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM series delivers high quality experience and is fully integrated networking solutions. The end-end solution is intended to provide delivery of reliable, high performance education/skills in remote locations by virtualizing the teacher/instructor. Remote education and training are critical and a huge market in developing countries. The solution will reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership "TCO" – both in OpEx/CapEx terms. Designed for low power consumption, one-touch operation and remote trouble shooting capabilities – VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM is a socially responsible design with an eye on the needs of the developing world.

What is it?

  • Comprehensive integrated learning solution – Virtual Classroom in a box
  • Secure collaborative, cloud-based two-way interactive video & voice soln.
    • AIKLUVYA Platform combines:
    • Routing with WiFi & 3G
    • High performance computing
    • Projection
    • Storage
    • Collaboration
    • Amplification
    • Video & Audio
    • Power management
  • End to End Solution Components
    • Platform Warranty & Support
    • Field support & Maintenance
    • Telecom Link Management
    • Power Stabilization
    • Program Management
    • Ecosystem Enablement

What does it do?

  • Delivers high-quality virtual classroom experience
  • Provides populations with access to expert teachers and master trainers
  • Allows supplementary, intervention education classes
  • Enables remote skilling of youth & pre-service and in-service training
  • Increases the exposure of trainees & students to industry experts

What makes it unique?

  • Flexible, anywhere to anywhere solution
  • Scalable, Cost effective & Easy to use
    • One-Touch operation
    • Class B ruggedized platform
    • Operates with 40% less power
    • Theft Resistant
    • Resistant to dust and heat
    • Remote Management
  • Simplified procurement, ordering & on-going maintenance
  • Up to 1000 concurrent video points
  • Session recording & playback
  • Android & IOS Tablet Support
  • FCC, UL, CE, SABS certified

Use Cases and Opportunities

  • In Primary, Secondary School Classrooms
  • In Higher Education Institutions
  • In Industrial Training Institutes & Skill Centres
  • In Medical Colleges & Nursing Schools
  • In Government & Corporate Training
  • In Conducting Video Conference meetings
  • For Coaching & Remedial Classes
  • To mentor & coach students in Govt. Hostels

Product Images

Training Sessions

Captured during the live training sessions

Product Image

Captured during the live training sessions


  • Skills network in 42 institutes across 6 states
  • Vocational training in IT, accounting, fashion technology, nursing, entrepreneurship, hotel management


  • Education network in 21 schools across 4 states
  • Education in STEM and English 19% increase in the pass percentage


  • ANM/GNM Training @ 29 Locations of Bihar
  • 650 Hours of Classes
  • More then 1000 Hours of Skill Labs sessions
  • Also trained teachers on health, hygiene, and emergency techniques
  • Organized camps for pre-natal mothers and children with severe acute malnutrition


  • 42 ITI's in Kerala.
  • 29 Nursing Training Institutes in Bihar.